Dinner at Home Subscription

Six month lineup:


June 7    

Meal        Shio Ramen 

Pottery    Ramen Bowl


June 21  

Meal        Ribs & sides  

Pottery    Lunch tray style plate

July 19  

Meal        Tacos Al pastor with beans & rice

Pottery    Taco holder plate

Aug 16    

Meal        Market Soup & Italian Sandwich

Pottery    Soup bowl with plate

Sept 20    

Meal         Homemade ravioli with sauce

Pottery     Shallow pasta bowl 


Oct 18    

Meal.       Bibimbap 

Pottery    Deep Bowl 


Nov 15    

Meal        Beef stew with dumplings

Pottery    Decorative Bowl


The Subscription is six months June - November.

It includes a single meal with pottery per month for $245.00+ tax. June includes Ramen on the 7th and the ribs dinner!


Sorry we can not accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies at this time.



                                                       SOLD OUT


Thank you all so much!