Dinner at Home Pasta


We are so excited to be partnering with CáLucchenzo Restaurant! Chef owner Zak Baker will be making you a different pasta every month!    




This month Lasagna!




When: Sunday April 4, 2021


What: Lasagna

            Lamb Ragu, bitter greens , with La Clare goat                       cheese made with handmade noodles.

Where: Pick up between 12-1 at DanDan (3rd ward)                          360 E Erie Milwaukee 53202

               Call Kate when you arrive we'll run the                                  pasta  to your car!


Dinner at Home Pasta includes, the meal, heat up instructions, and a handmade plate for you to keep and serve your pasta in! Each meal serves one for 35.00 + tax, purchase below.  




Sorry at this time we can not make substitutions for allergies or dietary restrictions 



                               Thank you!