Our next dinner will be...

 The next dinner is cancelled until further notice

we will bring you more details when more info is available.  

We are doing some fun things still.

Check out our Dinner at Home page and take home some pottery and delicious food!

Dinner starts with a cocktail hour at 6pm where there will be drinks available for purchase. Sit down dinner with wine pairings begins at 7pm.   Each dish is handmade by Kate, they are designed with the chefs to  create an interactive experience between the vessel and the food.  Everybody goes home with a cup made for you by Kate!  


We are very excited about all our chefs

Dan Turek is the new chef at Ash

Mia LeTendre owner and chef of vegan restaurant Strange Town.  

Ben Nerenhausen is opening up Ally Boy's Bagelery & Luncheonette in Walkers Point.

And Jonna Zaczek's most delicious desserts at Third Coast Provisions!


Our hosting Chef is: 

Dan Turek                           Ash at Iron Horse Hotel  


Also joining us:

Mia LeTendre                     Strange Town 

Ben Nerenhausen            Allie Boy's Baglery & Luncheonette

Jonna Zaczek                    Third Coast Provisions pastry chef

Dan Jacobs                                                                DanDan Fauntleroy & EsterEv

Tickets are 150.00 which includes dinner, wine pairings, and tip!

Hope to see you there!