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About Us

Kate and Dan bring together different restaurants to create a unique dining experience.  The chef of each restaurant and Kate work together to make a vessel specifically for each course. They work out sizing and color and what would be the perfect backdrop or canvas for the food.  The dinners are small, only 24 seats this way people can really experience the details and work that goes into each course in an intimate setting.  




works directly with the chef to create a vessel that completes the vision and overall experience of the dish.  


Kate started creating pottery in 1994, making a wide variety of functional pieces.  Most pieces are very muted and primarily focus on form and the presentation of the food.

Custom pieces can be made to help give the perfect gift or piece for that special occasion.    





works with the chefs on compiling a menu, pairing wine and overall experience during the dinner. 


Dan started cooking with his father at a young age and got hooked on professional cooking while working and living in Door County. Spending the last 17 years in restaurants, Dan has realized a true appreciation for the guest experience.  Daniel opened DanDan in Milwaukee's Third Ward in 2016.  EsterEv opened in 2017 a 10 course tasting menu  that is located inside DanDan and is open on Fridays and Saturdays one seating at 6:30.  Fauntleroy opened in 2018 its a modern french restaurant also located in the third ward.  

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